We were able to wake up a bit later than usual since our train didn't leave until 8:35pm. I woke up in time for breakfast and then went back upstairs to pack my bag and take a short nap.

We checked out and left our bags at the hostel and went over to the south gate of the wall that surrounds Xi'an. We rented some bikes and bike the 14K all the way around the wall in 91F. We got a lot of looks that seemed to say: "Look at these crazy white guys biking around the wall at noon. Their skin is going to burn!" For Joel, this actually was the case.

We went back to the hostel and ordered some dinner before going to the train station. We got their way earlier than the time in Beijing and walked in and got our tickets in about 2 min. That figures...

The overnight train we had been looking forward to was a bust, as the compartment was tiny and it was designed so that you would only sleep. There wasn't any space to play cards or sit normally.