Our last tourist day in Tokyo. There were only a couple of things I wanted to go see: Akihabara, and a World War II museum. We went to the museum first since it closed at 4pm. It was interesting seeing the history told from the Japenese perspective.

The Akihabara, a ward in Japan famous for selling electronics and anime, was cool to see but didn't not live up to the hype.

Zach wanted to pick up a pint glass from the Hard Rock Cafe in Tokyo, so we headed over there. Being super hungry and not able to find an alternative place to eat, we are at the Hard Rock.

Having stuffed ourselves with American portions we headed over to the Tokyo Tower to get the photo of the day.

All three of us had a big trip planned for early the next day. Off to bed for all of us. Stories of my motorbike trip to follow.