Don't get ahead on this one. You already did? Ok. Yeah I had an off at the track. Flipped right over the handle bars cause I grabbed the front brake in wet grass. You could say I like the adventure more than going fast on the track. You'd be right.

On a more serious note this has caused me too look for a new fuel take to replace the now dented and chipped one on my bike. Based on prices on PartZilla it seems that a new tank is going to run about $700. This is a lot of cash for what is only the fuel tank.

Today (25 Dec 2016), I ran across a post talking about using a replacement Fuel tank for California model bikes on non-California models. There was a recall on the Cali model bikes back in 2006 and a new model number was given to those tanks (44010-16G80-YC2 in my case). Here's why it is so interesting: They are $250 cheaper!!!

The California model (E33) fuel tank seems to have an extra nozzle for a line that leads to a breather pipe and has 0.2 gallons less fuel capacity. But for $250 less that seems like a great deal. As long as I can verify that the Cali model can be used I'm going to be buying the cheaper one.

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