I slept in today. Though, I think I got a bit sick. So I was in and out all night. The A/C turned off in the middle of the night, causing the room to become super hot.

We walked around Pudong and went up Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world as of 2016. The view of Shanghai was fantastic! It put a new meaning of how big a big city is for me.

Having my basic notions of size questioned, we stared heading back to the hostel to do laundry and charge phones/cameras. We stopped to get ice cream and stood on the pedway above the street finishing while looking at the three tallest buildings in Shanghai. People wanted to take our pictures again. They were still super confused when we were excited to get a picture with them (album of us with random Chinese people to follow).

Zach had the idea of being a cooler full of beer, chairs, and a tip jar and posting up on the walkway. We would then charge people for pictures and they could chill with us. Duh, we would have chairs for them as well, but that costs extra. Take one guess as to what we did...

...none of those things.

We took the short ferry ride back to the other side of the river and walked back to do said laundry.

Dinner was ok. The place cool looking since it was outside by a main shopping area. It was plagued with people selling random goods. Zach got sick of them accosting us and finally yelled at a guy to go away. It worked, so this method was used the rest of the night.

Tomorrow we leave for Hong Kong.