As you may have already imagined the sleep we got on the overnight train was less than great. Needing to use the restroom and grab a coffee we went to find the first coffee place we could find. My experience so far had been that you would find more random coffee places in Asian than a Starbucks, so you could get a certain local twist on the experience. Well, this was not the case outside the train station.

Starbucks it was. My cappuccino tasted especially good. Wanting to head to the hostel I tried grabbing a cab, but no one wanted to use their meter. I tried two different drivers and one of them wanted ¥100(~$15) to drive us 2 miles. That was pretty expensive compared to the prices we were used to.

We walked. 'Got slightly lost but made it. We ordered a sandwich and played cards with another him guy at the hostel. The sandwich, if you could even call it that was three layers of bread with one slice of cheese, one slice of ham, one piece of lettuce, and one tomato.

As you may imagine by the time we went out to check out the town we were still quite hungry. The guy we played cards with came along as we walked toward 'The Bund'. We took some pictures of the skyline and found a place on the way to get food. Tork's. Canadian Chinese sandwich place. It tastes great. On the way the owner gave us a recommendation for some chill bars, which we immediately went to. All we had was a cross street written on a piece of paper. The cabbie didn't want to use the meter. Whatever, we are basically experts now, so ¥40 it is. We bar hopped down the street, getting drunk, liking the small bar atmosphere, but I remained unimpressed. Probably because we did not immerse our selves in the awesome Chinese 'club' scene. Whatever not my thing.