Tourist day.

Best coffee is at 'Kopi Gajah'.

Took a look around one of Seoul's old palaces. Neat to look at and probably more interesting if I had more knowledge of the history.

Briefly stopping by the 'Blue House', Korea's version of the 'White House', we proceeded to get lunch at a neat little sandwich shop, where I got a free sandwich with my sandwich. :)

Wanting to see the city from above we proceeded to Seoul tower which offered and amazing view of the city. Not having actually gone up the tower I only got to see the southern part of the city, which looked about 3-4 times larger than Chicago. Imagine 'The Loop' with all its building and duplicate that area until you cover Chicago area codes!

Korean Baseball. I don't like watching baseball, but holy crap do the Koreans get excited about base ball. They cheered. Loudly. The entire game! It was a spectacle to watch. We met up with a coworker of Zach' and had a great time watching the game.

We got back to the hostel around 2230 where I showered and decided to do some laundry. It consists of filling a water proof stuff sack full of water, detergent, and clothes and shaking it around and generally washing the clothes. It was a bit ambitious because you are not allowed to use the dryer after 2000. So I ended up with the drying rack from the patio in our room and using up a good amount of towels to remove as much water as possible from the clothes so they would be dry when we woke up at 0445!

The were. Mostly. I am typing this now with slightly wet shorts on a milk train into ICN.

The China adventure begins.