We arrived in Osaka pretty late and made our way to the Japan Rail (JR) 'help desk' to exchange the vouchers I had bought online for actual tickets. After standing in line for what seemed like hours we got up to the front where a nice girl, with very limited English skills helped us get the information we needed.

We got there so late that the hostel we were supposed to stay in that night sent me an email where they voiced concerns of us getting lost. It was a super nice hostel and was a shame that we only stayed there one night.

Going to Nara was a last minute call by me. It had been recommended by my buddy Jeff and it turned out to be awesome. The town has a population of deer. They live in a particular area in the town and are totally trusting of humans. We were told that these deer had been living like that for the past 1000 years or so.

As we arrived at one of the main Buddhist temples, a guy approached us asking if we wanted him to show us around. He wanted to practice his English and was doing a project for school. We obliged and probably had a much better experience because of it.

Maski, our tour guide, took us around to the main temples and explained various things and did his best to answer our questions, but the best things we did were to taste some Sake at a place where it is made and to have sushi style unique to Nara.

At the end of the day we made our way back to the train station to pick our bags and grab a train up to Kyoto.