Woke up early. Had to do laundry. $48HKD ($6.19 USD) and 2 hours later we had our laundry done for us at a laundry place just around the corner.

We had breakfast at a coffee place again and made our way to the airport. Remembering how crowded the airports in China were, we made sure to show up early. The airport express got us there in 24 min. We had some lunch after the lady who gave us our boarding passes interrogated us about our flights back to the US. Weird. I want to know why this was done.

Anyway, everything almost being as efficient as the Swiss, we started boarding right at the specified time. No if ands or buts. Get in line we are boarding now!

Their reputation was damaged though, when the flight was delayed 20 minutes because the surrounding skies were super busy.

We are now bound for Osaka, Japan were the guys will be depending on me to get them around.