Arrived at the Hostel after a very efficient train ride that provided a gorgeous view of the harbor and part of the city. The efficiency of HK made an impression, because was a different way of life than that in mainland China. It was evident that Hong Kong has more money to spend on infrastructure and people seem to care about it as well, which was contrary to what I had noticed mainland China.

Meanwhile, the posts on Hong Kong will probably be pretty short since we just hung out, explored the city a bit, and went out drinking.

We went over to the other side of the harbor, via the Star Ferry, to check out the promenade. We watched a street musician perform on an electric violin for a good 20min. He did renditions of classical and modern pop songs in which his electric violin played the main parts.

We sat at a bar drinking frozen drinks of various sorts to too cool off.

We went back to the harbor to find dinner and watch the light show. The light show as less impressive than I thought it was going to be.