Day 2 of motorbiking started of great with roads so well maintained and every hundred feet there was a new corner. Cars would slow down and flash their emergency lights to let you pass.

I thought it was going to rain all day as well, per the weather app on my phone. The day was glorious. Clear skies and 85 degrees!

I stopped many times to take pictures of Mt. Fuji. Everyone and a while I would ask someone to take my picture to which they were always surprised that I asked.

At one stop a couple approached me and the man addressed me in English. His English was quite good and his name is Ken. We chatted for a bit and swapped email addresses. He was super curious as to what I had done in Japan, if I liked Japan, and if I had a chance to talk with anyone else.

The day finished up quite nicely with a less intense ride though the country side over to the hotel, where I briefly stopped at a farm to take a break and try to get a picture of Fuji. No luck though.

Dinner at the hotel ended up being a 5 course meal of Japanese food that was excellent.