We woke up early on Wednesday to grab a bullet train from Seoul to Busan. The ride takes 2.5 hours and it put us in Busan at 11:30am. After walking around a bit we stopped by the hostel to drop off our bags and then go find lunch.

A small plate of pasta, a Long Island iced, and a nice view of the beach out a huge window on the second floor of Mad Dogs did wonders to relax my mood. Once they closed the windows to turn on the air conditioning it ruined the atmosphere. I hope you won't be surprised that we left.

Not wanting to do much else, we sat down outside a cafe and enjoyed the view of the beach front. The cafe was situated on land that was further out into the Sea of Japan than the rest of the beach front, which presented an incredible view of the ocean, beach front restaurants and bars, and homes of various bright, yet sun faded, painted homes that are built almost all the up the mountains in that area.

Having spent a good deal of time at the cafe, but still waiting for a particular bar to open we walked around an area which seemed to be where shipments of fish are received and distributed.

Zach spotted(denoted by a conspicuous green netting rising above some buildings) a driving range no more than 500 meters away. It cost us $10 each for 50 mins including club rental and as many golf balls as we could hit.

Now that we had worked up a good sweat we figured we should go to the Gorilla Brewing Co. tap room. Turns out... it was right next door!

Gorilla had some of the best beers I've had so far this trip and as you may have guessed we stayed to try them all. After that, we bar hopped around Busan and tried various beers from Korea breweries.