Headache. Massive headache. It must have been that fruity mixture with rum in it.

Slept on the bus all the way to the Great Wall. More specifically Mùtiányù. We took a cable car to tower 14 and hiked over to tower 25. The last tower had some narly stairs. We climbed what seemed like a 1000 steps to the top. It definitely felt like an achievement.

Before we returned to the hostel we were treated to a Chinese lunch. It is an assortment of dishes, served family style on a huge lazy Susan. This way you could help yourself to whatever you wanted and just turn the lazy Susan.

For dinner we walked over to a brewery on the north side of the city. When I say walk, you probably assumed that it was a leisurely stroll over to the pub. Well, you'd be wrong. It took about 45 min to get there. The payoff was great though!!! They, Arrowhead Brewing Company, had brewed almost every style of beer you can think of. We tried 5 different style and thought they were all fantastic. Their food is great as well, so they are definable you worth checking out.

Wanting to checkout a second brewery that was not far away we left Arrowhead. We knew the brewery was hard to find and down some alley, but no luck after what seemed like 2 hours of looking. I believe we walked down every alley in the block in which the brewery was supposed to be located.

We turned around and walked back after a quick drink at a random bar. Zach's step counter read just under 31,000 steps that day.